Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 11 - Bathroom!

Before :

During : ....I was scraping up the old tile.

After...well, right after, still waiting on it to all dry, set-up, then I'll put the finishing touches to the floor, plus I still have to get the old caulking, etc scraped off the base of the toilet, but it's all in place!!!!

And yes, I HAVE had closets bigger than this bathroom! It's a whole 58"x 48 3/4" ....58" being along the length of the tub...


  1. Saw your link over at "The Animated Woman." You did a GREAT job! Certainly not an easy task!! :)

  2. That looks fantastic. Stephi get over here and finish my home deco for me. I'll make you popcorn and margaritas.

  3. Only a year later & I realize there are comments here....

    Thank you Karen. I grew up exposed to doing such things & my Daddy was a great's the remembering all the steps that proves to be a bit tricky. (Yay for Google)

    JC - That is absolutely tempting! I imagine though by now your work is done, but I'm totally willing to come over for popcorn & margaritas anyways...granted it wasn't a whole country & a half away.... ♥