Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 67 - Snow Scenes from around the State

I did not take these pictures, but did find them to be absolutely beautiful! They were taken around the state, during the "Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009" and I wished to share them with you! I did crop or clear up most of them, which is why my watermark is on all of them.

A frozen creek bed:Snow drifted grass:

Frozen Footprints:
Oil Rig:
Icy Tree
This is one of my most coveted, favorite natural "phenomenons". There is a LOT of water just under the surface of the ground here, often the water just keeps the ground wet, under the surface, BUT when the ground freezes the water makes its "escape". Often the water is forced up from the ground by very high pressure, once it reaches the freezing temps of the air it freezes, most of these icicles "grow" up from the ground, as the water pushes its way out, the ice statues just get taller and taller.

Snow drifts, being blown by the wind, if it was tan it could almost be mistaken for sand.


  1. NICE, you took all of those? I am jealous!

  2. I did NOT take a single one of those! At the top of the post I explained that they were taken by other people across the state, during/after our Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009, I just tweaked them a little and posted them to share. I take absolutely no credit for the original pictures themselves.