Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 66 - A Haircut, A Nap, & Laundry

With the aid of a popsicle and Daddy's assistance we were finally able to get her to sit still just long enough to trim her locks - just her bangs mind you - but now you can clearly see those lovely baby blues!
She got me up out of bed at 3:15AM ...Around 5am I convinced Brian to let me take a bit of a nap and he get up with her for a few...within a few minutes this is what he had to come back and wake me up over : she was back asleep...turkey!

This is *only* 5 dried loads worth of laundry, on my queen size bed...surprisingly enough I actually have all of this folded and/or hung up now...just waiting on the final loads to finish drying...

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